The oh so ugly game.


“The quake in Java has claimed more lives…..warships are moving along the Bosphorus into…..the child who disappeared whilst cycling home after an after school play rehearsal….death rates from preventable diseases in the UK have risen again…..
…..and, in sport.”
I hear that tag many times daily on radio and TV and every time the words grate. It’s one of those chasms that are there to be negotiated in life, like Philip Schofield interviewing without a hint of derision a believer in guardian angels on This Morning or a politician trying feebly to delineate between his lies and those of the other lot.
The sports presenter, with a voice from within which you can detect the intense echo of career emptiness, with great and unpersuasive gravity tells us Rooney has successfully renogiated his weekly wage to £300,000. You breath a welcome sigh of relief followed by a dry heave.
How did…

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