Homo Sapiens should be the next species to become extinct.

I’ve got a problem, and the writing of this piece only serves to make it worse. You see, I have come to the conclusion, far too late in my sad and sorry life, that Mankind is shit.
Homo Sapiens – Man of Wisdom. The irony in those words alone juxtaposed with the experiences of us all are almost proof enough for my conclusion.
We are the superior (and I use the word simply for comic effect) species because we have developed the largest brains relative to our size. Or rather, they occurred through natural selection – were we to have ‘developed’ them ourselves then maybe be would have warranted the ‘superior’ epithet. But no, we were an accident, a controlled car crash. Much like Downton Abbey or Susanna Reid.
So, by accident, we run the show. At least we think we do. What we have, in fact, developed to an exquisitely high degree is our capacity for arrogance coupled with an innate ability to talk bullshit, accept bullshit (as a reasoned explanation for everything that isn’t otherwise perfectly adequately explained by science) and, wherever and whenever it is possible, act in a bullshit way to everyone else provided we gain from it. If there’s no apparent gain we’ll call it altruism and wait for Richard Dawkins to explain that even altruism’s about gain really.
And the Law of Faeces Bovinus decrees that the more bullshit in circulation, the greater the arrogance of the species.
How else could one explain the extraordinary desire of otherwise unremarkable people to rise to positions where bullshit defines every facet of their existence, and yet, at the very zenith of their careers they remain implacably defined by their irrelevance? How else can politicians be understood?
And yet, with this Olympian ability to personify failure and insignificance, the rest of Homo Sapiens (an anagram of ‘poison shame’) falls for this bullshit. Even votes on the differences in bullshit consistency. In return for this compliance we are granted the illusion of being involved, at least in the West. And therein lies the problem with this scribbling. We all believe we have a voice. But we don’t. We believe that only if we become involved will there be any change. But there won’t. And we know it.
We’re such a damaged species that we have constructed around ourselves so many infrastructures based upon nothing, and each infrastructure is dependent upon the rest of their infernal kind, that were we to dismiss one we simply transfer allegiance to another, equally unfounded.
Man has an inherent fear of being alone and a deep sense of his own inadequacy. If you doubt this, consider the rising apprehension when asked by your partner to turn the washer on. So we invented the laundry, mankind came up with a personal god, to each of whom it could mean anything.
But then the bullshitters got their sweaty little hands on the concept and, before you could say Hail Mary, you had golden robes, Lourdes, Mother Theresa and the Holocaust. And so many buy it, knowing it is BULLSHIT. But bullshit is safe, bullshit is warm, bullshit is infinitely malleable.
The only positive attribute it possesses is its capacity to sustain bacteria, and it’s there I pin my hopes for both mankind’s nemesis and his successor.
I was out walking the dogs in the sunshine this afternoon, for the first time in ages jacketless. I stopped at one point and looked around. It was beautiful. And none of it was down to us. How much better would it be were we to never have had a hand in its steering. If nature, red in tooth and claw, had run the show sans Homo Sapiens. There’d be more premature deaths, sure, but at least there’d be fewer mounds of bullshit bouquets at the site of each demise.


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