Adverts are shit. Ditch ’em.

I’m not a fan of drama on any commercial channel. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that, if I see drama billed on a commercial channel, I’ll like as not just ignore it no matter what the subject, no matter who it stars. The bugbear is the adverts. It’s not a new criticism, I admit, but has enough thought been given to an alternative? Bear with me. At this juncture, let me say that, fortunately, they usually make shit like Downton Abbey, so the problem solves itself. But now and again a Broadchurch comes along and you have to ask yourself, dare I chance my soul and tune in?
Now techno geeks will say, if you don’t want to watch it with the ads, watch it having edited/fast forwarded/online etc.. The thing is though, it’s the TV companies that are messing with me. It’s THEY that want me to watch their programmes. So why should I make the adjustment? They should be trying their utmost to accommodate me. But the very thing they need to make their programmes is the very thing I, and no doubt every other TV viewer in the world, DOESN’T WANT TO SEE!
So let’s see if we can get round this. Product placement is clearly the answer.
It’s become blindingly apparent of late in many Scandi dramas and even Netflix’ House of Cards, that Apple have a finger in most pies (‘scuse the implicit pun). Not an episode goes by where a laptop isn’t opened to display the familiar logo. So why not pursue this?
Can’t Lord Grantham chat about his upcoming Grand Tour, mentioning that Mr Cook, Thomas that is, will be accompanying him this year? Or Midsomer Murders could concern a poisoning fiendishly orchestrated over Sunday lunch simply because Cook had not observed that the gravy (cut to box of Bisto) had not been that normally used. Why, even in Mr Selfridge…..hang on. Just why are there ads in that?


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